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The Matrix Literature Review and the 'rectangulate' Function from the r7283 Package

Matrices and Literature Reviews Pulling together a strong literature review continues to be the very foundation of  positioning an education researcher's novel contribution to the field. Yet, reviewing literature can be daunting at the outset. This is because organizing the literature review results requires itemizing, tagging, and keeping track of the relevant articles. Organizing 100 + articles takes time, commitment, and can ultimately distract from the task at hand, which is getting a grip on the state of knowledge. To make the task of organizing the literature more straightforward, I have created a computational function that helps lift some of the burden of organizing literature.  It takes an exported bibliographic research file (.bib) exported from EBSCO and widens it into a matrix. Transposing the .bib file into a matrix allows the researcher to jump right into the matrix literature review style of reading articles. A matrix literature function for education researche